The Grand is the biggest digital media opportunity in Cannes and is available to advertisers and Sponsors during all of the cities major Festivals.

Established in June 2014, in partnership with the Grand Hotel. The site has been built to offer a spectacular canvas that brands can use to dominate the Croisette and deliver cut through during the cities major festivals.


The landmark site is located 13 floors high on the roof of The Grand Hotel and dominates the seafront. Set just back from the iconic Croisette, the screen sits at the highest point of the bay of Cannes. It is the worlds largest rooftop digital media site with un-rivalled visibility in the city

View the aspect from the roof in 360 here

Key Facts

•  Largest screen on the riviera
•  Visible for up to 5 square miles away.
•  On the Croisette 500m from the Palais.
•  Audio enabled/ audible from Croisette.
•  Visible from most areas around the Palais including the Connect Bar and all beaches.
•  At 65m the site is the highest point on the Croisette.
•  More than double the size of a super 96 sheet.
•  On the busiest footfall and vehicular route in Cannes.


The Grand Hotel is situated less than 500m from the iconic Palais de Festival on the Croisette of the Bay of Cannes. Our rooftop site stands at the pinnacle of the Croisette less than 75m from the beaches and boardwalk above all the noise and clutter of the sea front.

View the site from the Croisette in 360 here


The city of Cannes represents a unique and affluent population of key decision makers and social influencers. The major festivals in the city offer advertisers a highly exclusive collection of the most influential people, across 7 different industries in media, film, tv and property.